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Dark Matter

Spreker: Patrick Decowski | Engels | 16:00-16:45 | C0.110 A large part of the matter in the universe is missing. That is: we see a certain amount of matter (stars, gas, and so on) in the sky, but when we measure the gravity that matter exerts on stars and galaxies, there appears to be much, much more. The additional gravity could come from particles that we haven't discovered yet - but how do we prove such particles exist? Can we make them in the laboratory, or detect them coming from outer space? Tina Pollmann explains how she and her group try to detect the elusive dark matter.

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Zaterdag, 02 oktober, 2021

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FNWI Amsterdam Science Park

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Zaterdag, 02 oktober, 2021


FNWI 904
1098 XH Amsterdam


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